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Financial Informers has soft launched!

While we’ve still got quite a bit to do on the website, our financial literacy publishing arm, “Financial Informers” has launched! Financial Informers is a publisher and provider of financial education and resources. We believe that financial literacy is a fundamental right and strive to make it accessible to everyone. Our team of experts includes financial professionals, educators, and writers who have a passion for helping others understand the complexities of personal and corporate finance.

With the launch of Financial Informers, we’ve also released our first title coming straight from Personal Finance expert Robert Johanson. In ‘From Debt To Dollars: A Guide to Managing Your Money’, we’ve released our first title in the “Financial Topics Made Easy” series, which has a goal of teaching a variety of topics on personal finance at an introductory level that will help you understand each topic and put together a gameplan on how to tackle it.

You can pick up a copy today:

We’ve Launched

It is official. We’ve just launched as a resource for writers, authors, and anyone in the publishing industry who are looking for jobs to use their unique skill sets. Writers, authors, editors, and publishers, there is paying work for everyone out there, and we’re trying to help connect those who are seeking a job to find fulfilling work and possibly a new career!

We are a passionate team of content creators and editors on a mission to make a difference in people’s lives. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to use their skills to earn an income in the publishing and content creation space. That’s why we created – to help job seekers find meaningful, paying opportunities they can be proud of. Our platform bridges the gap between employers and job seekers, enabling them to connect quickly and easily.

HorrorTree has joined the Humix Network

In furthering our partnership with Ezoic, Horror Tree has recently joined the Humix network for distributing video content. Horror Tree’s current layout is found at where a mixture of both original content and conversions from existing YouTube content will appear.

For those unfamiliar with Humix: Humix is a growing global video network that allows publishers to increase traffic and revenue using digital video. Humix delivers unprecedented collaboration between sites and digital video creators. Ezoic Publishers can upload, share, or display videos using Humix by enabling the display of Network videos on their sites. Publishers can also choose to have videos they upload shared across the network.

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