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Financial Informers has soft launched!

While we’ve still got quite a bit to do on the website, our financial literacy publishing arm, “Financial Informers” has launched! Financial Informers is a publisher and provider of financial education and resources. We believe that financial literacy is a fundamental right and strive to make it accessible to everyone. Our team of experts includes financial professionals, educators, and writers who have a passion for helping others understand the complexities of personal and corporate finance.

With the launch of Financial Informers, we’ve also released our first title coming straight from Personal Finance expert Robert Johanson. In ‘From Debt To Dollars: A Guide to Managing Your Money’, we’ve released our first title in the “Financial Topics Made Easy” series, which has a goal of teaching a variety of topics on personal finance at an introductory level that will help you understand each topic and put together a gameplan on how to tackle it.

You can pick up a copy today: